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The wooden box even contains 4 fun, addictive games: Snakes and Ladders, TIC-TAC-TOE, Checkers and Tiddly Winks. These games not only give you a good time, but also invite you to improve your skills in patience, concentration and logical thinking. How to play each of them?


  1. The aim of this classic game is to reach the 100th box as quickly as possible.
  2. Each player chooses a piece of their colour.
  3. The first player to roll the dice and move forward as many spaces as indicated by the die roll. If they stop on the box where the bottom of the ladder is drawn, they are lucky and must climb up it. If they stop on a box containing a snake’s head, then they must go down to the box where the end of the snake’s tail is located.
  4. The other players take turns to perform the same actions one after the other.


  1. This is a two-player game.
  2. One player chooses zeroes, the other chooses crosses. The players take turns to mark a row.
  3. The first to complete a complete row, column or diagonal wins the selected character.


  1. The aim of the players in checkers is to capture all of the opponent’s checkers or to create a situation in which the opponent has no moves left.
  2. The game starts with a light checker on the seventh row (unless otherwise agreed) and they can only move diagonally, one box at a time (this is the way ordinary checkers move before they turn into ladies).
  3. An opponent’s checker is captured by jumping over it, the capture is compulsory and may be made backwards and forwards. Multiple captures may be made in a single move if the checker is jumped over multiple checkers that are lined up side by side in the box.
  4. A check

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Board games set

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