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New Discoveries every month without the clutter

Forget about toys that end up gathering dust. We've carefully selected educational toys from the best manufacturers, tailored to your child's needs and age!

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A New Adventure Every Month

Each set contains 3-6 expert-selected toys. Every month, we choose the most suitable toys based on your child's age and developmental stage. Toys are designed for children aged 6 months to 7 years.

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Master New Skills Through Play

Each child is unique, so each month you can choose from >100 of expertly curated educational toy sets. Each set has a recommended age bracket, so you always know which toys to choose!

How It Works?

Step 1


Every month, choose from 100+ different toy sets based on your child's age and interests or let our experts select the toys for you.

Step 2

We ship your adventure

Your first box will be shipped immediately, all remaining boxes are shipped on order's date each month. Free Shipping!

Step 3

Your month-long Adventures begins

Explore, discover, and play all month long. Each toy set is valued up to £140!

Step 4

Return and repeat

Every month, we'll deliver a brand new box of expertly curated toys to your doorstep, delivered by a trusted courier. Simply return the previous box and the adventure begins again! Never run out of exciting new toys to play with and learn from.

Parent Guide - Playtime Takes on a New Meaning

All members with children up to 3 years old receive expert-prepared guides in their toy sets, containing additional tasks, exercises, play ideas, and creative challenges to enjoy at home.

What do the Parents say?

Adam's Mom


Adam is definitely improving! Thanks to these toys, we notice new skills and interests. One time we received a toy set with a few toys similar to those we already had, and you promptly sent new ones, amazing! Thank you!

Tracy's Mom


The best investment in our child. Every month, not only Tracy but also us as parents look forward to the educational toys! They are brilliant, fascinating, and developmentally engaging. Progress is visible every month!

Lucy's Mom


It’s very difficult to engage Lucy with toys, so we started our journey, hoping to gradually discover which toys are the most interesting for Lucy. What a wonderful idea! The toys arrived in excellent condition, neat, and beautifully packaged. Thank you!


Absolutely! If you’ve chosen a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at any time! The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current month. Cancelling your subscription is incredibly easy – just log in to your account and click “Cancel” – that’s it! If you’ve opted for a longer-term subscription, you can cancel it at the end of that term! All subscriptions renew automatically, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting anything.

Definitely! Club members have the opportunity to choose from over 115 expert-created educational toy sets! Upon purchasing a subscription, you’ll be directed to your account where you can explore and get to know all the available sets! Browsing may take a while, but selecting a set only takes a few seconds with just one click!

Yes! It’s incredibly simple! Each month, you’ll receive a special link to the toys you’ve received that month! This link will show all the toys, their descriptions, and the opportunity to purchase your favourite toy with impressive discounts!

Going on holiday or need a short break? Of course! All members can pause their subscription for up to 2 months for free from their account – it only takes 5 seconds! Just select when you’d like to resume your membership and you’re all set!

Children are unique and don’t come with a manual. A toy subscription ensures that every child finds something interesting. If you’ve tried the tips sent to you for engaging your child in play, given them time to explore freely, but still couldn’t engage them, don’t worry – all club members can change their set once every 3 months completely free! You can conveniently make the change in your account in just a few seconds!

Don’t worry, a whopping 99.4% of our toys complete their journey successfully! Toys in the Toy Club range are carefully checked, so breakages are very rare. But… what if?

The most common issue is a missing piece, which can be returned with the next shipment while continuing your membership. If the piece cannot be found, compensation usually ranges from £3-5.

Toy breakages are extremely rare, with only 1 in about 250 toys breaking per month. We offer special discounts for club members, which take into account the wear and tear of the toy, so in the event of a breakage, compensation is usually just £10-15 and the toy remains yours!

Not a problem at all! You can change your address anytime from your account before your membership renews! Even if you forget to do so, you’ll receive an SMS from the courier before delivery with the option to change both the address and the date!

We take care of toy cleanliness and disinfection, so you don’t have to worry about whether the toys reach you disinfected and clean. All toys are thoroughly cleaned with cleaners specifically designed for particular surfaces and inspected by our specialists.

Only thoroughly cleaned, checked, and disinfected toys will reach your home, so you can play without worry!

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